The following are some of the feedback and testimonials I've received by email, messenger and in the comments section of posts during my virtual markets:


“What a wonderful month, and what a wonderful array of vegan businesses. I truly hope that this continues forever x”


“Hi shabari .... With the success of the Xmas vegan virtual Market I just wondered if you'd consider doing an ongoing things through next year?”


“Thanks again for the amazing work you've done with this (such a unique idea ) xx”


“I did have quite a few sales and a lot more followers after the Veganuary Market so I am really pleased that you invited me to take part”.


“In terms of feedback from the Valentines market, I'd simply like to add you did a wonderful job and I could tell you were all over it. With promoting people businesses, to keeping the page updated and fun!”


“You did an amazing work on this one!”


“Thank YOU for giving me and many others the opportunity. ”


“You’ve worked really hard creating this beautiful space for local artisans.

It’s an honour to be a part of the tribe”.


“Well done Shabari for hosting another fab event xx”


“Thank you for organising and for letting me be part of it ”


“That's amazing Shabari...well done for making it happen! Xx”


“Shabari Monica Das that’s brilliant. You’re doing so well! So pleased to be involved ”


“Fantastic ..........Well done ............ a lot of Hard work !!!



“Shabari Monica Das ! It's your hard work! Well deserved! ”


“Well done Shabari for all the hard work you put in”.


“This is awesome! Well done ”


“Amazing. Well done ”


“That is super amazing Shabari Monica Das!”


“You’ve done so well”


“And a massive thank you for organising it all Shabari x”


“To someone I now consider a friend and absolute gem. Thank you for all your dedication commitment and hard work running this market”.

“I agree. Shabari has done an amazing job in creating and bringing like minded people together. She has an amazing soul”


“Shabari congratulations although I'm not a part of this particular event. I have been following”.


“What you are doing is fabulous”.


Congratulations on being listed on the vegan society. ”