Reflecting on International Women’s Day

On 8th March it was International Women’s Day but there was in fact a week or so of International Women’s Day related events.

I organised my own International Women’s Day event on my World Vegan Spring Market on 6th March. It was an amazing day of interviewing women who had powerful stories to tell, including the fabulous Fiona Oakes, who is a long-term vegan of over 50 years, an ultra marathon runner, 4-time Guinness World of Records breaker, and animal sanctuary owner looking after more than 500 animals.

Earlier this week, I was delighted to be interviewed by Alice Clover for her podcast. Alice is a best selling vegan feminist children’s author, who was also my guest for my IWD event. I really enjoyed our conversation where we covered a plethora of women’s issues.

All over the world there were so many celebrations happening and it was great to see such a huge number of supporters of the cause.

However, there needs to be a paradigm shift in attitudes in order for change to happen.

Although the majority of female business owners show support for other female business owners, there are some who feel that women shouldn’t be earning money.

I remember when I first started my World Vegan Market, I was approached by someone who wanted a stall to promote her book. When I mentioned that there would be a charge, she forcefully challenged me both privately and in public.

I was so shocked that I was treated this way by someone who I thought would be all for women’s empowerment because she herself would have had to prove herself being in a male dominated industry.

Looking at famous women from the past in leadership positions, like Queen Victoria and Margaret Thatcher, they were the among the most powerful women of their times, and yet they believed that other women should be at home looking after the household. This kind of attitude is still around today.

On a positive note, I would like to say that I feel that I have achieved a lot and have developed many skills during the past two years of the pandemic, including developing technical and personal skills for conducting online interviews, creating my own website, networking and presentation skills, admin, organisation and events management skills, marketing and promotional skills, and so on.

Through my World Vegan Market I’ve provided a platform for many small business owners to showcase their vegan products and services.

I’ve also provided a channel for people to learn about veganism in a fun and interactive way by organising talks and panel discussions on vegan nutrition, live cookery demos, and so on.

In addition, I’ve organised some fantastic entertainment and performances during all of the virtual markets.

It is incredibly hard work doing all this by myself but I feel that I’m playing my part in promoting veganism in a positive way.

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Thank you 🙏🏽💗

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