Market Information

Notes for Buyers and Sellers

The World Vegan Spring Market is currently running and will continue until Friday 31st May 2024


It is happening on the following Facebook group at:

World Vegan Market Facebook page at:

World Vegan Market Instagram page at:

World Vegan Market YouTube channel at:

World Vegan Market TikTok channel at:

World Vegan Market Threads page at:

And World Vegan Market website at:


Thank you for supporting small independent businesses who are passionate about what they are doing to create a greener, healthier, and more compassionate world.


Only businesses who have paid for a virtual space (unless they are a charity stall) can showcase their products/services, which must be 100% vegan. Posting of non-vegan items are NOT allowed.


If your business is outside the UK, you may apply to become a registered virtual stallholder, but your business must be able to ship to the UK or provide a service that can be accessed in the UK and your website must be in English.


If you are an independent distributor/consultant of a direct selling/network marketing/MLM company, you may apply to book a virtual space. However, only one independent distributor/consultant per company will be allowed to become a registered virtual stallholder for the duration of the current online market. No recruitment or business opportunity posts are allowed.


If you wish to take part, please e-mail me, Shabari, with your full name, business name, website, social media pages, and what you would like to sell at:


There are four types of advertising packages - standard advertising package (bronze), featured advertising package (silver), extra-featured advertising package (gold), and customised advertising package for the World Vegan Spring Market (all packages are non-refundable once payment has been made).


Further information about what each package provides you will be sent by email upon request. It includes details regarding promotional activities on the World Vegan Market Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel, TikTok channel, Threads page and website.


A PayPal link and bank details will also be given in the Stallholder Information Pack.


Your stall number, set of instructions, and also a 10-page guide on how to make the most of being a virtual stallholder will be issued once the advertising package fee has been paid.


Virtual stallholders will also have an opportunity to have a 1 hour one-to-one consultation with me before they start promoting on the World Vegan Spring Market.


After the World Vegan Spring Market finishes, virtual stallholders will receive a personalised report giving a breakdown of the online and social media insights, including audience reach on all platforms, along with recommendations for next actions. There is an option of having a one-to-one online meeting to go through the figures instead of a written report. 


Sellers’ rules:


  • Up to one post per day is allowed on the World Vegan Spring Market Facebook group, which can be a written post with photos or a short video or a reel, between now and Friday 31st May when the World Vegan Spring Market ends.


  • There is no obligation for you to create a daily post, however, if you do not make a post for one or more days, you cannot then make up the number of posts missed on subsequent days or carry over the number of posts not done to the following online market.


  • Market stallholders can book a virtual space at any time during the World Vegan Spring Market. It doesn’t have to be at the start of the online market.


  • Use your given stall number and any contact details on each post, including website links, social media pages, and location.


  • Where applicable, please indicate postage costs and timeframes for delivery.


  • Please ensure that you have proof of posting.


  • Do not share any personal details like account number, etc. on the group. Keep any transactions with a buyer private.


  • Food sellers must have relevant and up to date health and safety certification.


Buyers’ rules:


  • If interested in buying a product, comment on the relevant post, or contact the seller directly.


  • Do not share any personal details like credit card numbers or address in this group. Keep your transactions private between you and the seller.


  • If you are unhappy with an item you have purchased, or service provided, or any other issue you have with a registered stallholder, please contact them directly rather than post negative comments about them on the group.



Any agreements and transactions are exclusively between the seller and the buyer and is entirely a matter for those two parties. Admin/management cannot accept any liability for loss incurred due to buyer/seller disputes.


Vegan Guidelines for Registered Stallholders

Stalls must not sell, advertise, or show products on the group which:


  1. Contain meat, fish, live animals, dairy products, eggs or honey.


  1. Contain leather, wool, silk, cashmere, fur, feathers.


  1. Contain other by-products such as lanolin, shellac, isinglass, beeswax or gelatine.


  1. Contain any other animal derivatives.


  1. Have been tested on animals.


We do not insist on stallholders themselves being vegan or their companies being wholly vegan but would expect individuals to be vegan conscious and to only sell products/services that comply with a vegan ethos.


If you need more information please feel free to contact me at: