FAQs for Potential Stallholders

  • Where is the market happening?

The market is a virtual market that is happening online on the following social media platforms:






  • What are the criteria for being accepted as a registered stallholder?

We welcome a wide variety of stalls at our virtual markets, from food to cosmetics and clothing to jewellery. If you own a small business selling vegan products or vegan-friendly services we'd love to hear from you.


Please note the following:

- Products and services sold or promoted on the virtual market must be suitable for vegans.

- Non-vegan businesses are allowed to join provided they only sell and promote vegan products and vegan-friendly services on the virtual market.

- Products must not have been tested on animals.


  • Can independent distributors/consultants apply to become a registered stallholder?

Independent distributors/consultants of direct sales/network marketing/MLM companies can apply to become a registered stallholder. However, only one person per company is allowed. No recruitment or business opportunity posts are allowed on the virtual market.


  • How much does it cost to have a virtual space?

There are 3 levels of advertising packages for the World Vegan Spring Market (from now until 31st May 2024)


Standard advertising package (bronze) - £150

Featured advertising package (silver) - £250

Extra Featured advertising package (gold) - £350


Customised packages are also available. Please email Shabari at: info@worldveganmarkets.com for further details 


  • What is the difference between a standard advertising package (bronze), featured advertising package (silver) and extra-featured advertising package (gold)?


Standard advertising package (Bronze)

Standard stallholders are allowed to make up to one promotional post per day for the duration of the virtual market (depending on which months have been booked) on the Facebook group where the online market is happening. I will be conducting engagement management on each post, and responding to any questions and comments.

They will also be listed in the stall listing post and stall listing PDF on the Facebook group and the stallholder directory page on this website with clickable links to their website and social media pages.

In addition, they will be included in the Facebook live videos that give a rundown of the registered stallholders along with their details and clickable links to their website and Facebook page in the comments section of those Facebook live videos. The Facebook live stallholder rundowns are typically 20 minutes in total. 

Furthermore, they can have one photo and a short description about themselves and their products/services in the "Meet the Stallholder" post on the World Vegan Market Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram page, Threads page and TikTok channel.

A 10-page guide on how to make the most out of being a virtual stallholder will be provided. 

A one hour video consultation is also included as part of the package. 


Featured advertising package (Silver)

For featured stallholders, as well as what is included in the standard advertising package, they will have their introductory post or a short recorded video pinned to the featured section on the Facebook group for the duration of the virtual market.

They will be able to create an album with up to 12 photos on the Facebook group that will be saved in the album section.

They will have their logo and description added to the stallholder directory page on this website.

They can have up to 10 photos on their "Meet the Stallholder" post on the World Vegan Market Instagram/Facebook page.

They will also be able to have a Instagram story done by me on the World Vegan Market Instagram page.

They will also have a Facebook messenger chat created and facilitated by me.

They will have a written interview about their story, which will be posted on the World Vegan Market Facebook group and LinkedIn page


Extra-featured advertising package (Gold)

For extra-featured stallholders, as well as everything that is included as a featured stallholder, they will also have an opportunity to have a 60 min spotlight interview or do a Facebook live demo/talk/workshop on the Facebook group. I will promote the interview and perform engagement management during and after the live interview. 


  • What are the benefits of being a registered stallholder?

Registered stallholders will be visible on various online locations and get seen by more of the right customers worldwide. I also personally get involved in each Facebook post by carrying out the engagement management and responding to any comments on each post.


For featured stallholders and extra-featured stallholders, having all these benefits increases their visibility even further allowing them to reach a wider audience and be able to interact with them.


Unlike other online markets, where you are left on your own, I am also available to answer any questions you have and can advise if you are unsure what to post.


In addition, due to your links being on the stallholder directory on the World Vegan Market website, it also increases your search engine ranking on Google. 


Full details of all the benefits are written in a comprehensive Stallholder Information Pack, available upon request.


  • Will there be lots of the same types of businesses selling the same types of products on the virtual market?

We seek to have a variety of different stallholders. Therefore, we aim to not have too many stallholders selling the same type of products.

If you have any questions regarding this, please send an e-mail to info@worldveganmarkets.com providing details of your business products or services, and we can let you know the types of stallholders that are already exhibiting at the same market.


  • Will my Facebook posts get lost in amongst lots of other posts? 

Because there is a selected number of standard stalls, featured/extra-featured stalls and charity stalls, and all types of stalls are allowed to post up to once a day, the Facebook group where the market is happening won't be inundated with lots of promotional posts.


  • If it is part-way through the month, can I still become a registered stallholder?

Yes, stallholders can join at any time during the month. Please send an email enquiry to: info@worldveganmarkets.com to discuss.


  • If I own more than one business, could I book two virtual spaces?

Yes, that is possible. Please send an email to: info@worldveganmarkets.com to discuss further.


  • How do I find out more information, or book a virtual space?

Please email Shabari at: info@worldveganmarkets.com